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We will Hold Your Hand

I am here to help you Manifest an abundant life, one that allows you to live your dream, whatever that may look like.


Have you ever wondered why the child in you dreamt so freely and used their imagination without restraint, why the ability to dream seemed to disappear as you got older, what happened? Well, it could be several factors, but the number One is fear. I faced this and I promise you that fear will take your dream faster than lightning. I want to help you launch your dream life if you will let me, let's do this together. My friend and Mentor Mary and I are  here to hold your hand, making sure that you fully understand how to achieve the life you desire. No course or program gives you more understanding, hand-holding, or tools than the program listed below. Click on the link for your Free intro, and try out some of the ideas and what is on offer, you will be pleasantly surprised by what you see.

Dream Builder Program

 We proudly present


Coach Mary Morrissey

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Lots of



Not Just could and Would

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Manifesting Your dreams

Living a dream is more than living in a comfort zone or trading what we would ideally like for what we are currently comfortable with. The distance from where we are now to our ideal life or dream life is often fuelled by FEAR. We may convince ourselves that the self-talk is protecting us, but it isn't, because the truth is until we make friends with our fears we remain on the wrong side of what it takes to live our dream life. Like well-meaning friends our fears cannot be allowed to run our lives, otherwise, mediocrity will be our manifesto. I am invested in helping you understand what is available to you and how relatively easy it is to change your life once you know how. Click on the link below for your FEE Trial and some good straight talking to begin your journey today.

Business meeting

Our own Entrepreneurial Journey

Since we started Bold Not Old we have been redefining the future of retirement by showcasing what living a Bold life and Entrepreneurial Initiative looks like. 

Some of the shows we have been on

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LISTEN TO Wallis featured as guest on Podcasts

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Coming out: Embracing your true self

With host Beverly Glazer of Aging with Purpose & Passion

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“Bold Not Old needs YOU” Subscribe to our You Tube Chanel and support our drive to reach all corners of the Globe. 

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Wallis Bold Not Old is on Instagram encouraging and promoting  Positive Ageing. Being fully engaged in life as we age has a profound affect on not only our mental wellness but also the extended years that being passionate about life can bring.


Scientist say this extended version of us when we are passionate and purposeful is at least twelve years. Not sure about you, but I will take it..

Empowering Boldness Magazine

Our Magazine Empowering Boldness is where you can read topics related to Fashion, Health, Business, and the  Silver Economy. Encouraging you to live life to the fullest, pushing the boundaries as you grow older.

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