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Fashioning Ideas about Ageing 

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Meet Wallis Pattisonn 

Founder of the BOLD NOT OLD movement, a new generation of role models.

Wallis believes ageing is an opportunity to strut our stuff, to share the skills and knowledge accumulated over a lifetime.  The idea of being part of a new generation of role models is new and puts a different spin on how we see ourselves. This new us is a powerful presence in a world that needs to see getting older as a positive, as something to embrace. 


If you ask Wallis what she thinks of our general perception of ageing, she will tell you that we've got it all wrong and that we need to stop telling one another the outmoded and ridiculous stories we share.


Having a passion for style and fashion has fired her creativity and new direction, one which can be summed up in the following: “Living a life of impact and meaning is paramount to us being seen and heard. Living a life on purpose puts fire in our belly".


When we allow society to influence our lives and our thinking, we perpetuate the decline. The truth is - ageing can be a new adventure into creativity, eldering and wisdom sharing.

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