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There is freedom in doing what you love

Wallis Pattisonn

Entrepreneur Wallis Pattisonn is an extraordinary woman who established the BOLD NOT OLD movement in Melbourne, Australia. Her exuberance and dedication to age-positivity is an inspiration to men and women worldwide.

Since beginning Bold Not Old in 2018, it has certainly been quite a journey.


Like all new businesses it is difficult to find your feet in the first few months as just putting in place a website, social media and finding real direction has taken a lot of soul searching. My uncertainties and self questioning have been huge, not to mention, once I sorted through the jumble, how was this going to grow and in what way?


Well I am pleased to say that I think I have got most of what has been going on in my head pretty much sorted. There is on the one hand nothing glamorous about being in business for oneself. It is a lot of bloody hard work and mostly wondering What The .... !!


The other side though is spectacular, because doing what you love contributes to life in ways that are fun and adventuresome. There is a freedom in doing what you love that does not come from anything else, we are the driver of our own lives we get to choose what we want to do and when and how.


I continue to learn each day more about me, more about who I am and what floats my boat, being true to the real me, following my dreams...I hope in some way I inspire you to live your life on purpose, to be a new generation of role model.

How it came to be ...

Wallis never ceases to inspire.

In this video, she reflects on how Bold Not Old came to life, and some of the challenges, as well as hopes for the future.

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