Women 50+ Being Bold
taking The next step To Automated Income.

Hi, I’m Wallis.

I teach people 50 plus the profitable action steps for creating an online business, simple and effective  strategies to earn a 6 figure income. 

 I want you to make sure if the choices you’re making today are going to help you build a better tomorrow.

WHAT IS Women 50+ Being Bold, Taking The next Step To Automated Income?

I teach people 50 plus the profitable action steps for creating an online course that is highly profitable, using online marketing strategies to sell with ease.

IMAGINE... being able to work from anywhere , the freedom to live the life you imagined without boundaries or constraints. YES business flops...BEEN THERE. Limited knowledge about the online marketplace and potential, been there too. I have taken my extensive experience in business start-ups and created a fabulous course so you can duplicate my success. I've been honing and sharing my ideas with others so they can successfully launch their very own freedom business. Follow my proven course structure and you will make money, not maybe, YOU WILL MAKE MONEY!


If you relate to the diagrams below under POINT A and you want to get to experience POINT B, then Women 50+ Being Bold Live Workshop is definitely for you!


# Understanding the Encore economy and why Entrepreneurship is the opportunity to share your passion and purpose with the world.

This live online workshop starts SOON and is a 5 week workshop: 4 weeks for each module and 1 week revision time.
  • Benefit: A course that you can relate too, one that is personally delivered in real time, no pre-records.Your questions are answered and everyhting is structured for your benefit.
  • Feature: Face to face in real time...No questions unanswered...step-by-step how to's and processes.

1. Create your core content in record time.

Learn how to create your course content in just 1 day AND price it at $500 or higher, even if you are just getting started online. In Module 1, you will learn: 
  • Financial goals: How to set them
  • What is Launch Math?: Positioning, Predictability and Proximity.
  • Brand Ascension Pyramid: Where you are now and what works.
  • Uncovering the Unique You: Your GIFT
  • Defining Your Course Topic: Even if you don't have a clue

2. Your Most Valuable Payers (MVP'S)

Learn who are your Most valuable Payers and what it is they want and how you can deliver for them. Things don't have to be difficult and complex, all we need to do is start a conversation and ask questions.
  • Your Big Promise Statement: Take your customer from point A to point B, where they are now and where they want to be. You will learn how to structure your big statement so your customer can relate.
  •  Easy Steps To Building An Email List: Even if you don't have a big email list there are ways to build an email list that targets your potential customers, not one that is full of people who are not interested in what you are doing or offering.
  • Successful Online Course: How to create your successful online course in 24 hours. Yes 24 hours or less and no you don't have to lock yourself away in a cave or spend long and arduous hours thinking about what you are going to offer.
  • Tasty Content: learn how to create tasty content based on your BIG promise. No need to waste time on putting out things that don't work, get the info directly from your customers, then you will know what they want. A great feedback loop.

3. Your Fingerprint, Becomes your Blueprint.

Your unique identity, your circumstances, where you've been and why, what you've achieved and why, who and what you stand for & who you have helped along the way, these things are unique to you, they are your DNA. Within this lies your GIFT.
You will learn: 
  • Discover Your Gift: The simple steps to discovering your BIG Gift. This process of discovery will set you straight, if you have been saying to yourself I don;'t have a clue this process will sort your uncertainty. 
  • Your Life Record: Recognising your achievements small and large as well as all of the other things you might have forgotten about or trivialised will help you build your confidence and assist you to overcome any imposter syndrome that might be lurking in your mind. You know the one that says, Who would want to listen to me, what do I know and doesn't everyone know all of this anyway?.
  • A 6 Figure Business: How to turn your DNA your gift into a 6 figure business.
  • ​Earning an income online is not as difficult as you think once you understand what is myth and what is real. This course will cover the the difference between the myth of passive income and the reality of creating a lifestyle that allows you freedom and choice.

4. Online business without a list, Audience, or Topic

Craft your unique story & expertise into an online course, even if you have no website, no following and no idea what to teach. This course is about teaching you the successful steps to a profitable online business. In this course you will learn to Analyse, Design, Develop, Implement and evaluate. The trick here is to follow the simple steps using the C.A.R process...Concept, Action Revision  and Repeat...Walk before you run...

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