The Blueprint For Change
Having a vision and an end goal as "Vishen Lakhiani" says...
is about following your heart, your end goals remind you of how wonderful it is to be human. You are genuinely having fun and enjoying every minute of what you do.
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From The Treadmill Of Ordinary 
To The Extraordinary
Changing Mindset Around Ageing
Bold Not Old is a company that teaches and Inspires people to live their Life on their own terms. Debunking outmoded language and thinking, unlearning accepted Norms and embracing a mindset that is empowering and Blissful.

Bold Not Old

Mindset Education Model

The 3 Questions That Will Change Your Life!

1. What experiences do I want to have?
2. What growth do I want to experience?
3. What contribution do I want to make?
If your immediate thought is, what does it matter I am getting old, or time is running out or I don’t have the energy or the mojo for this, then all the more reason you need to do this exercise. WHY? Because those other things are excuses, fear, being unsure of what it is you want to do and where you are heading. This is about the power to choose your version of the world.  Once you see the chatter around you as just meaningless noise, you will begin to understand how your beliefs and so called truths are a product of our society and its influences. You begin to see how possible it is to create and mould a different set of beliefs, which in turn alters your stories.

BNO Mindset Makes You

Better and Better Every Day, in Every Way

How BNO Mindset Works

1. Transform with

The Best Programs

When we realise that most of what has been said to us about getting older is Bulls**t. The rules around what is expected of us and how we should act is antiquated and no longer serves us. Things such as I’m too old to change, It's my grandchildren’s turn to have a life, older people are a burden on society, getting older sucks and the list goes on and on. The Bold Not Old Program, 
"From Ordinary To Extraordinary"
will walk you step by step through how to debunk long held judgements and locked in beliefs, to unlearn entrenched habits and embrace a mindset that is empowering and blissful…Why Not live a life on your terms.

2. Connect With

Powerful New Friends

I like to ask the question. Who would you like to be friends with if you had no limitations on how those friendships would come about. Would it be a famous movie star you have always admired or a musician or a head of state, or maybe a group of particular people who you would love to hang out with. No matter who that is, having the mindset that it is possible for you to achieve this, puts the necessary elements out into the universe for your dream to be fulfilled. It is not unusual for things to turn up in amazing ways.

3. Transform 

Every Day

Stepping out of the norm, challenging our beliefs and doctrines can be a stretch to say the least. Is it worth the effort, Hell yeah ! If someone had said to me 20 years ago here are some simple exercises to do that will change your life forever and set you on the path to an abundant and extraordinary life, would I have listened? Simple answer, you bet!
This is what you are being offered here. This program is simple, takes very little time and is fun to do, but best of all it will dramatically change your life forever.
Start with this: What belief have you taken on because everyone is doing it? Example, I need to retire because I am over 70. Why did you accept this belief if it wasn't your own? The newly elected President of the United States will turn 78 when he takes office, has he taken on society's belief around ageing and what is possible?

4. Unlock your

Soul Wisdom

What does it mean to unlock our Soul Wisdom? Before I answer this I want to explain a little about the Soul. Most people are aware that we as humans have a soul, even if we cannot see the soul, we accept it does exist. Secondly we are also aware if only vaguely, that the soul somehow contributes to our human existence in some way.
Soul Wisdom teachings unlock our human potential to see ourselves as Multi Sensory beings not just accessing everything from our five senses. This understanding opens us up to being able to access both outer and inner worlds. Intuition is one of these, non physical access is another and things such as greater synchronicity unexplained and unusual occurrences are all part of the inner world access.
"From Ordinary To Extraordinary"
Is living a balanced Spiritual Life. Where are you now spiritually and where would you like to be?

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