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Discovery Session

- the first step

My experience has taught me one standout thing:  We cannot make BIG changes in our lives going it alone. We all need someone to chat to, another person who gets what we are about and can help us stretch into a spectacular life that is our birthright.


I define a successful life as one that meets all of our dreams, one that gives us happiness and the financial freedom to go where we want, when we want, and do the things we love everyday. Is this too much to ask?

I know it might sound like a stretch to achieve the above, but it is more simple than you think.

I have been asked many times what can I do to help people, and my reply was canned and non-committal.  I simply did not want to enter the arena of coaching, but then I did not want to be an advocate and an influencer for an age-positive movement either. Never believe in never.

I have decided to unpack my substantial tool kit and make myself available to those who want to change their lives, or achieve something they have wanted to for many years. That might be writing a book, starting a business, becoming seen and heard, speaking or sorting out the blockages that stand in the way of a happy and successful life.

I shy away from shouting about my credentials ... but to name just a few, I have a Bachelor of Business; I studied Law and Anthropology; I have an Advanced Diploma in Counselling and A Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy; I am an ordained Interfaith Minister registered in New York; I have a Certificate in Conscious Ageing and several certificates in alternative therapy and energy medicine. 


Set up a time to chat about the possibilities for you and what the future could look like. Your adventure begins here. We will spend about 40 mins in this initial session discovering one another and coming up with a plan specifically for you, tailormade for what you want. Coaching is online and on the telephone, making it accessible to anyone, anywhere. 

•     The Discovery session of 40 minutes is outcome focused. We'll get specific. And results are guaranteed. 

•     You'll find out how to do work you love, with people you like, the way you want.

•     Make the difference you were born to make.




If you’re serious about wanting the change in your life you deserve, this is the first step. This is where it all begins.  You have to start somewhere. Long term you want your work to have a lasting impact and share your ideas to leave a legacy.


What is important in the beginning is to put a foundation in place, that will serve you well for your spectacular future. Beginning is halfway there.




I have the tools to share with You!

Take the next step Now.  Why not?

Let's get serious!

What are you waiting for?  Let's get started!

Full payment $85.00AUD

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Foundation Program 

Guaranteed results coaching!

What to expect ...

This is a more in-depth One To One Experience.

After you have experienced the Discovery Session, the Foundation Program is the next step in the process of being the spectacular you that is your birthright. 





Spend the next 3 months consolidating your wish list. Whether that is the book you have always wanted to write, the business you want to begin and don’t know where to start, overcoming personal hurdles, or polishing and launching your inspired idea ... Whatever the dream or goal, this is where it takes flight.

We exist in a culture where our time and availability is stretched to the limit. The typical person is too busy to think, much less stop to acknowledge that life could have given more had they only asked.





There's no better time than now for discovering and experiencing a life of fulfilled dreams. Wallis' program is online and telephone ... ideal for the busy person who wants to add value to their life from the comfort of their own sacred space. But be ready to be challenged!

Stop and think for one minute what it would be like to be living the dream, getting up every day when you want, doing what you love, and experiencing overwhelming happiness.

Some of those possibilities could be:

•   Earning $500K—$1.5M, working 50–200 days per year, with one or two support staff.

•   Doing work you love, with people you like, the way you want.

•   Make the difference you were born to make.



If you’re thinking there has to be more, then you’re right. There is more.   Lots of clever people struggle to create what it is they want, and many find it challenging to:

•  Establish a reliable source of help and practical understandings, (which can make beginning slow or impossible)

•  Efficiently take their expertise and packaging it into saleable products (which means they spend a lot of time working, but not getting paid for it).

•  Implementing effective ways to reach people with their ideas or products, which means investing a heap of time and effort into so called traditional marketing, but don’t make headway.

If you want to create a spectacular life,  I would love to help you sort these challenges ... after all, I have been in your shoes, and quite frankly no disrespect, but I would rather be in mine. Let’s turn the ship around together.  You won’t do it alone. I know this from experience.  You might think you can, but the truth is that if that were the truth, you would have done it already.

Try this on for 3 months and see if it works for you. I’m not interested in keeping your money, which is why there is a 100% money back

guarantee if you are not happy.


A one to one tailored program, especially for you and your desired outcome.


Unlimited emails for 3 months.

Weekly 30 minute calls. These are designed to keep you on track, no chatter and time wasting. These calls are vital to your success as they hone in on your progress and problem solving.

A group Facebook page for participants to share ideas and conversation, with input and guidance from Wallis.  

A once-a-month live group coaching session for all participants.

The cost of this all-inclusive program is $1500.00

GUARANTEED AND FULLY REFUNDABLE if you are not satisfied. 





Enrolment, enquiries or questions

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Create a Spectacular life!

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