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 "Being BOLD NOT OLD" - Book Launch        

   Melbourne, Australia.                                                                     


The highlight of 2019 was the book launch of Wallis Pattisonn's amazing book of photography and wisdom - "Being BOLD NOT OLD". 

The majority of attendees were featured in the colourful and energetic display of age-positive style and quirkiness.

With champagne and hors d'oeuvres, participants were treated to the inspirational expression that is Wallis Pattisonn. 

Master of Ceremonies Russell Pollard piloted the evening through with humour and insight. Speakers included Chrissie Gillies, Helen McIntosh, and a special guest was Rebecca Oxenbould from the Sebastian Foundation. A percentage of the ongoing book sales is being donated to the foundation. A contrast to the otherwise stylish and sophisticated atmosphere was an interruption by "Mrs Bonfire" (stand up comedian Jay Harley). 

The evening was buzzing with enthusiasm, fun, and a sense of purpose in being a new generation of role model. 

... and some comedy

Soiree - Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards

10 March 2020


The word "soirée" has always fascinated me.  It conjures up something fancy and a must-attend event. In fact the word is french and means “A Fancy Evening Affair”. That, in and of itself, begs a must-attend attitude.


The Bold Not Old Soirées have been held mostly during the daytime and have ranged from luncheons to make-up artistry, to others sharing their wares, to more informal but no less fabulous get togethers. On this page there are some photos of a couple of our 2019 soirées.


2020 Soirées will bring something new to the mix as we build on the Bold Not Old business and what is being offered to stimulate, entertain and increase our understanding around ourselves and our own possibilities. 


Some three years ago I channeled and wrote a spectacular deck of Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards and the time has come to share what is being told to me as my new direction for these cards. On March 10 this year I held a Soirée to introduce this new direction and to share what is being given to me. In the video below you'll see some insights into this marvellous event.

With the worldwide Covid-19 restrictions on people gathering together, I have been led to expand into online Soul Wisdom Consciousness. This will reach a global audience and I'm excited to say that we will be launching this venture towards the end of May. 


We are all on a journey, we are all part of a bigger picture and plan, and we are also being called to be part of these transformational times. I believe this to be true. Interesting and spectacular times are ahead for us all ... we are together for a reason.


I look forward with great excitement to spending time with you as together we explore this new direction…


                                                                                                                         Big Hugs 



Bold Not Old Photo Shoot

2019 culminated in the publishing of Wallis' spectacular coffee-table book, "Being BOLD NOT OLD". 

Most of the participants were Melbourne-based. Wallis hosted a fabulous day of glamour and preparation, and a photo shoot that was the foundation of the book's content.

Bold Not Old Luncheon Soirée

Throughout 2019 Wallis hosted a number of Soirées in Melbourne, Australia.  An excuse to get together and celebrate age-positivity. 

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