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• Bold Not Old is A movement that encourages us to live with purpose and passion by sharing our gift and experience with the world.

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"Bold Not Old" began as a way for me personally to express my own style and love of fashion and all things fabulous. Like many of us we reach a moment in time where the light bulb goes on and we realise we are not immortal. For me it was a couple of health issues, a stint in the hospital, all served to remind me I was getting older.  The truth is I thought I had more time to get old! 

Bold Not Old was a hobby I guess, I enjoyed dressing up, getting groups of people together and chatting about all the possibilities that life holds and how to solve the annoying not being seen and heard.. Along the way I produced a tabletop book with lots of fabulous inspiring people who strutted their own inimitable style and personalities, and orchestrated a successful launch for the book, which I might add was a fabulous evening and lots of fun.

 The next step in the plan was to take the book and myself on the road and create an awareness around positive ageing. The Great Interrupter, a world pandemic shifted the landscape and threw not only myself, but the world into an awareness of what is important, what did we really want our lives to look like?, who would have thought! 
 With every interruption Big or small comes the opportunity to reflect and adjust, this was true of Bold Not Old. Here I was with something that was very reliant on face to face, things like Soiree's, Talks, Luncheons, all were the tools for building a following and delivering my message of Being Bold Not Old. The ensuing months and lockdowns facilitated a good long look at what was possible for Bold Not Old, where were we going and just as importantly what was it I wanted to do? Time for change!

I threw myself into researching the area of Social Entrepreneurship could we make a difference and still do well, meaning could we make money? . My research uncovered what was happening in the world in relation to The Silver Economy, Experienced Entrepreneurs making a difference in big and small ways. I uncovered this area of looking at ageing and opportunity as an Encore career, was this  the direction for Bold Not Old?  The simple answer YES! 

My soul searching uncovered what floats my boat, the thing I could get my teeth into so to speak. I have always been an Entrepreneur and the changing social landscape around ageing and the need to create and sustain ourselves way past the time we thought we would have too has opened up new and wonderful opportunities, this is one of those Entrepreneurial opportunities.

What Bold Not Old now offers is the opportunity for those people who are 50+ to plan and implement their own ENCORE careers, which may not necessarily be a job but a business that is entrepreneurial and sustainable.

 Whether the answer’s yes or no to what is on offer here you’re in luck because you now have the opportunity to change your life.  How would you feel if you didn't have to roll out of bed at 6am or sacrifice your morning journaling and fresh carrot juice or having to show up to a 9-5 job?


And then what? How about doing what you love, helping others, opening your laptop to an inbox full of gratitude.

All with ample extra time to make play-dough with your kids or grandkids, or give your person a shoulder rub or make mid-afternoon smoothies!

Space to breathe, laugh, create, help others, travel, dance, the list goes on These and so much more is what you’re working toward.

A life that involves a whole lot less sacrifice and a whole lot more magic starts with this choice right here… 

The Only way to Predict the Future is to Create it..

Meet Your Mentor and coach
wallis pattiSonN
"encore Entrepreneur"
Wallis Pattisonn is the founder of  Bold Not Old and "Women 50 + Being Bold,Taking The next step to automated Income.... She knows about Being an Entrepreneur, Her experience in this area spans more than 5 decades, (Has time really gone that quickly?)  

As would be expected of a consummate entrepreneur, Wallis has amassed a great many skills:  Public speaking, coaching, Business Management, Counselling, Psychotherapy and much more.

if you ask Wallis today to summarise this time of building and morphing, walking and bumping, she would say "The emergence from being a caterpillar engulfed in the gooey mess as it transforms into a beautiful butterfly aptly describes Bold Not Old and Wallis' journey." 

Wallis loves to present ideas and concepts that rock the boat, her idea of "what's next?" is inspiring and thought provoking. As Wallis says, "Experienced entrepreneurs are an under-utilised resource we cannot afford to waste..
 If we want to know what our future looks like, we have to create it."
FRIDAY, MAY 14, 2018
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
SATURDAY, MAY 15, 2018
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
MONDAY, MAY 17, 2018
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Women 50+ Being Bold

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Bold Not Old Goodies

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Enjoy our the offerings in the shop, and keep you eye open for more to come...

1. Seven Keys To Prosperity & Abundance Ebook ( FREEBIE)

This FREE bonus download is full of fabulous not to be missed information.  The keys in this book were instrumental in helping me to change my life.  I went from struggling financially to living a financial life on my terms. I no longer have more month left over than money, I can pay my bills when they come in, forget the due date and final reminders. 

Living an abundant and prosperous life involves many things, freedom around money is one of them. Jim Rohn, world renowned speaker once said to me: "When you get money out of the way, you can truly live”. I struggled to fully appreciate and understand this at the time it was difficult to imagine what that sort of freedom felt like...Fast forward a number of years and many additional mentors and I get it. I finally figured it out and I can absolutely say without any hesitancy that when you get money out of the way, you can truly live... 

2. Table Top Book Valued at $59.95 with a Christmas promotion  SPECIAL $42.00 plus postage $15.00 within Australia & 40.00 Internationally...

You will enjoy looking and reading about  the fabulous people expressing themselves through their own interpretation of style and fashion. I am inspired every time I pick this book up and turn the pages, what a sensational group of Bold Not Older's. This book is about having fun and seeing life as something to be joyous and excited about. 
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