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it might seem like a while ago since you were a child, but do you remember what it was like to sit and day dream about all the possibilities. I bet you never thought about the obstacles, you only saw what you wanted and how you could make it yours.

Yes we have heard it all before, change our mindset and we can change things around us, easier said than done is the resounding reply I hear. Yes again, this is  partly true, but only partly because how difficult or easy something appears is all about how we see it, that's mindset isn't it? Somewhere along the line we have to put aside the negative self talk and allow ourselves to say "I Can Do It". We are all affected at times by other peoples opinions, those who don't share our vision and you know what, that's okay because they don't have too. It is your vision, your dream, your gift, you own it. Having a go, may mean some setbacks might come along, it means lots of growth as well, be secure in the knowledge that you alone steer your ship, be the captain, lead the way, dream BIG. you might surprise yourself, and i8t might not be as difficult as you thought.

Some great reasons to have a go !

The number of years are getting less, no time like the present 
It's your Dream you own it.
Your experience is invaluable.
Having Purpose and Passion adds years to your life span.
Life would have given me more, had I only asked. 
Boldness is the language of Entrepreneurs, it has initiative written all over it. You can do this. 
The Hopi Indians say "we are the ones we have been waiting for."

We support fabulous!

Our new venture and addition to Bold Not Old is RECYCLED FABULOUS By Wallis. Take advantage of pre-loved and pre-owned clothing at fabulous prices. Enjoy shopping with us and helping us keep clothing from landfill.

we have been working away behind the scenes to create and innovate and our latest addition to Bold Not Old is creative and Innovative. I have wanted to find a way to have our own fashion label and here it is. Like everything we do it is different and a bit out there. Our Own label is a bit tongue in cheek so to speak because we are taking everyone else's fabulous clothing and making it available to you. We are calling this RECYCLED FABULOUS By Wallis.

Of course we won't have a variety of sizes or more than one of any item, but hey, that makes it unique and special, it also means you get to wear designer clothes at fabulous prices, what a bargain.

Here is How it Works.

Clothing,Jewellery,Bags, Scarves and other accessories will be featured on our new Facebook page, there will be a link to order and payment. The stock available will be constantly changing, so you will need to be quick if you see something you love. 

Where Will Our Clothing & Accessories come from?

To begin with clothes etc will come from Wallis' wardrobe and those around her who fairly regularly indulge their passion for fabulous things. Occasionally you will see some new product creep into the range but only when a fabulous opportunity or bargain comes along. We want you to treat us like your own exclusive venue to grab a bargain and put together something fabulous. 
Watch out for short videos that will showcase ideas and Tips for putting together some of the bargains you will be snapping up.

Sizes,Gender, layers & Creativity

Our Sizing will depend largely on what we have to hand and what our friends and associates want to share. We will endeavour to have varied sizing as well as mixed gender or unisex, once again depending on what we have managed to acquire on our travels etc.

This is a new venture for us, so we ask for some patience and understanding as we iron out the usual teething problems and develop some workable processes. I personally am very excited about this opportunity to share fabulous fashion and more opportunities to Be Bold and spectacular., after all you are worth it.

Morphing, Walking & Bumping Experiencing the possibilities to be ourselves. 

I want to take this opportunity to encourage you to try new things, to feel uncomfortable on your way to discovering how comfortable you can be with the real you.
We all are challenged at times by what someone says, or an odd sideways glance that we catch out of the corner of our eye, you know the sort of look that has judgement written all over it. It takes some personal assuredness and a good measure of exposure to be comfortable in our own skin bag, but you can do it. I love what Oscar Wilde says "" To Love Oneself Is The Beginning of A Lifelong Romance. Be Yourself Everyone Else Is Taken"
Some of our clothes may be different, or they may seem ordinary, but remember it is what you do with them, how you interpret your own style through what you wear that makes you stand out, that makes it uniquely yours.

Do you have a story our readers would love to hear?
"Empowering boldness"
Empowering Boldness Magazine started in January 2021. The magazine showcases exciting articles about living, style and fashion, gardening, opportunities in the silver economy and many more bold suggestions. Our magazine is free so you can download the latest edition as well as previous issues. We would like to ask a favour, if you like what you read and support our thinking would you be so kind as to pass along the link so others can become aware of us..To send me your article or enquire about articles or just to let us know you are thinking of us email me wallis@boldnotold.com.au - I look forward to hearing from you.


"Bold Not Old" began as a way for me personally to express my own style and love of fashion and all things fabulous. To say it has morphed over time its an understatement. I have always advocated if you have a passion or an idea, just begin, it may not end up being what you started with, but there is a kind of magic in beginning. We never know where things take us, but the journey is the important thing and our willingness to experience what comes and where it leads, it is all an adventure.

Bold Not Old started out as a hobby, just a desire to express my love of style and fashion. I was keen to see if there were any other people out there like me, those that are a bit rebellious and individual. Surprise!, Surprise! I found lots of like minded souls.

 Along the journey I produced a fabulous tabletop book with amazing people strutting their individual style and being happy and joyous in the process. The last two years since the book was released, has seen us through a pandemic and  has brought many challenges and reflections. It has certainly taught me to be true to myself, to do the things that float my boat and enjoy life. I constantly remind myself, how do I want to live, what do I want to experience and how fabulous does it look? 

The Only way to Predict the Future is to Create it..

wallis pattiSonN "encore Entrepreneur"
Wallis Pattisonn is different to most people her age, she is straightforward, quirky and has an attitude of let’s give it a try. She is the founder of Bold Not Old, CEO and editor-in-chief of Empowering Boldness. a bi-monthly magazine. 

She launched Bold Not Old in 2018 as a way to express her own style and to see if anyone else out there had similar ideas and aspirations. Bold Not Old was a platform of self-discovery and learning as Wallis navigated what getting older means and what could a serial entrepreneur with a love of fashion, design and personal development make of a world that on the 0ne hand has an ageing population and on the other hand getting older was seen as mostly negative.

Bold Not Old has been morphing into a platform of self- awareness and education. In the last two years Wallis has been working on bringing more awareness around what is possible and how powerful the Silver Economy is for those wanting to make a difference and do well. 

Bold not Old is building a Multimedia platform that will provide products to inspire and educate those wanting to continue to be self reliant and adventuresome. The silver economy taps into the experience of people 50+ - the largest talent pool in history and redefines what retirement means.
Wallis is an authority on how to be an ageing entrepreneur. She is a speaker, author and is intent on disrupting the accepted norm around what is possible as we age.

Her passion is to challenge those who are 55+ to get out of their comfort zone rethink retirement and have a go at being an entrepreneur. She encourages creativity, daring to be different, thinking fabulous and proving that pursuing a passion can add years to our lives. There is no Utopia, but life can be joyous, even the challenges can be small bumps to be seen as part of the journey.

Wallis has many fans, maybe not with well- known names, but ordinary people living ordinary lives who aspire to living their dreams and having a go. Like minded people who want to know they are not alone, or redundant.

Wallis loves to present ideas and concepts that rock the boat, her idea of "what's next?" is inspiring and thought provoking. As Wallis says, "Experienced entrepreneurs are an under-utilised resource we cannot afford to waste.
If we want to know what our future looks like, we have to create it."
Ready to get the most out of your life?


Wednesday's With Wallis

A sample of what is in the shop

eBooks, Soul Wisdom cards, Bold Not Old book and MORE ! Don't forget our FREE magazine "Empowering Boldness"

Enjoy our offerings in the shop, and keep you eye open for more to come...

1. Seven Keys To Prosperity & Abundance Ebook ( FREEBIE)

This FREE bonus download is full of fabulous not to be missed information.  The keys in this book were instrumental in helping me to change my life.  I went from struggling financially to living a financial life on my terms. I no longer have more month left over than money, I can pay my bills when they come in, forget the due date and final reminders. 

Living an abundant and prosperous life involves many things, freedom around money is one of them. Jim Rohn, world renowned speaker once said to me: "When you get money out of the way, you can truly live”. I struggled to fully appreciate and understand this at the time it was difficult to imagine what that sort of freedom felt like...Fast forward a number of years and many additional mentors and I get it. I finally figured it out and I can absolutely say without any hesitancy that when you get money out of the way, you can truly live... 

2. Table Top Book Valued at $59.95 Postage is $15.00 within Australia & 40.00 Internationally...

You will enjoy looking and reading about  the fabulous people expressing themselves through their own interpretation of style and fashion. I am inspired every time I pick this book up and turn the pages, what a sensational group of Bold Not Older's. This book is about having fun and seeing life as something to be joyous and excited about. 

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