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"Empowering boldness"
Empowering Boldness Magazine started in January 2021. The magazine covers bold and exciting articles covering life, style and fashion. Our magazine is free so you can download the latest and previous magazines below. We do have an advertising opportunity for you within our magazine. To send me your article or enquire on our advertising email me on wallis@boldnotold.com.au - I look forward to hearing from you.
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Our focus is to build a platform for 50 plus people to access intellectual property that will enhance and benefit their lives in positive and helpful ways. Like all new things there will be a certain morphing of the idea as it is tweaked for maximum effect and benefit to all participants. Here are some of the benefits of becoming a partner!

Feature In Each Issue of Empowering Boldness Magazine

Included in becoming a partner is submitting an article for each bi-monthly issue that is sharing a message from your life stories, that will help our readers to realize that anything is possible, or help them achieve or overcome issues that they may be experiencing.

A Picture Says A Thousand Words [advertising]

Also included in our partnership is an advertising page - you design your advert and send through to us for each issue. If you can't design it, we do offer this service at an additional cost. This gives you the opportunity to sell through Empowering Boldness and cross market between partners, something that is difficult to achieve outside of this platform.

Exposure Through Interviews & Podcasts

An Interview will be set up between you and Wallis to introduce you and your offering as well as to use for promotional purposes.
It's a time to brand yourself and your business and let people know what you're all about and what you are offering to contribute to the development of others. You can share in our podcast sessions bringing hope, realization and transformation to those who need it.

Exposure & Marketing Through The Bold Not Old Membership & Website

Here is the opportunity to have an additional marketing platform where you can host your information and free inspirational or motivational messages to drive people to your world. Each partner will share information in the membership where the members can be inspired to follow you or take your courses or attend your events. We will be advertising your info in our membership through our website, giving you additional exposure.

Plus, valued at over $500 of free books and lessons, you too can enjoy what we already have in our membership. There is a wealth of knowledge and all of this is included in our annual price to become a partner.

Live Events & Social Media Exposure

You and your business will get social media exposure through our social media platforms. This is beneficial to you, whether you have social media presence or not and definitely opens up brand awareness for you. There is opportunities for you to participate in our live events, such as fashion shows, soirees, or online events as a partner. Our event will be all about the Silver Economy and what is possible for those of us who want to make a difference and do well.


"Bold Not Old" began as a way for me personally to express my own style and love of fashion and all things fabulous. To say it has morphed over time its an understatement. I have always advocated if you have a passion or an idea, just begin, it may not end up being what you started with, but there is a kind of magic in beginning. We never know where things take us, but the journey is the important thing and our willingness to experience what comes and where it leads, it is all an adventure.

Bold Not Old started out as a hobby, just a desire to express my love of style and fashion. I was keen to see if there were any other people out there like me, those that are a bit rebellious and individual. Surprise, Surprise I found lots of like minded souls.

 Along the journey I produced a fabulous tabletop book with amazing people strutting their individual style and being happy and joyous in the process. The ensuing two years has brought many challenges and reflections, it has certainly taught me to be true to myself, to do the things that float my boat and enjoy life. How do we want to live, what do we want to experience and how fabulous does it look? 

The Only way to Predict the Future is to Create it..

wallis pattiSonN "encore Entrepreneur"
Wallis Pattisonn is the founder of  Bold Not Old. She knows about Being an Entrepreneur, Her experience in this area spans more than 5 decades, (Has time really gone that quickly?)  

As would be expected of a consummate entrepreneur, Wallis has amassed a great many skills:  Public speaking, coaching, Business Management, Counselling, Psychotherapy and much more.

if you ask Wallis today to summarise this time of building and morphing, walking and bumping, she would say "The emergence from being a caterpillar engulfed in the gooey mess as it transforms into a beautiful butterfly aptly describes Bold Not Old and Wallis' journey." 

Wallis loves to present ideas and concepts that rock the boat, her idea of "what's next?" is inspiring and thought provoking. As Wallis says, "Experienced entrepreneurs are an under-utilised resource we cannot afford to waste..
 If we want to know what our future looks like, we have to create it."
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eBooks, Soul Wisdom cards, Bold Not Old book and MORE !

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1. Seven Keys To Prosperity & Abundance Ebook ( FREEBIE)

This FREE bonus download is full of fabulous not to be missed information.  The keys in this book were instrumental in helping me to change my life.  I went from struggling financially to living a financial life on my terms. I no longer have more month left over than money, I can pay my bills when they come in, forget the due date and final reminders. 

Living an abundant and prosperous life involves many things, freedom around money is one of them. Jim Rohn, world renowned speaker once said to me: "When you get money out of the way, you can truly live”. I struggled to fully appreciate and understand this at the time it was difficult to imagine what that sort of freedom felt like...Fast forward a number of years and many additional mentors and I get it. I finally figured it out and I can absolutely say without any hesitancy that when you get money out of the way, you can truly live... 

2. Table Top Book Valued at $59.95 with a Christmas promotion  SPECIAL $42.00 plus postage $15.00 within Australia & 40.00 Internationally...

You will enjoy looking and reading about  the fabulous people expressing themselves through their own interpretation of style and fashion. I am inspired every time I pick this book up and turn the pages, what a sensational group of Bold Not Older's. This book is about having fun and seeing life as something to be joyous and excited about. 

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