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Hi! I'm Wallis

A Life-changing Question!!


Are you concerned about having enough money for your senior years? Most of us will run out of money, not time.

Using your knowledge and skills could provide you with not only additional money but also a lifestyle. If you are like me, your personal independence and decision-making are of paramount importance, you don't want someone else making a decision about your future or shuffling you off to retirement or a nursing home where you will feel like you are sitting in life's waiting room. So what's the answer? 


Instead of viewing retirement as one long lunch or cup of tea, you can still have some of that, what about utilising your years of experience, skills you may think are of no value, and energy from a passion to be seen and heard? You know you are not done, you know you have more to give and you know your life was meant to mean more, there are still things to achieve. I have found it is easy to undervalue and trivialise the experience and knowledge we have collected, it is easy to believe no one would want what we have. The opposite is true, our knowledge and skills are needed now, more than ever. The world is short on Role Models, this is our BIG moment.


You'll never regret having a go, age is a number not a reason to give up.
Only $19.97 Per Month


is a valuable resource so you can grow your idea or passion


A small peak at what is on offer when you join our tribe


Membership to Bold Not Old will provide you with

  • knowledge,

  • Contacts,

  • Inspiration,

  • Free downloads

  • Educational videos

  •  How to redefine the outmoded idea of retirement, showing you why you fit perfectly into thought leadership. Even though you may not see yourself as an entrepreneur you will become aware of just how entrepreneurial you are in your day-to-day life of problem-solving. This is a time in life when, as seniors, we are looking at the concept of retirement to be a time of new opportunity innovation and fun.  

All You Can Eat
A smorgasbord of Resources

Only  $19.97 Per Month

When you become a MEMBER

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  • Discover the potential marketplace for your unique skills 

  • Confidently create content that attracts your ideal audience

  • Master all the tech: Learn Techie hacks that make business easier and more reachable. 

  • Create and leverage your know-how to reach your ideal customer.

  • Learn about Video Marketing, Repurposing content, how to generate extra cash Quick !!!

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Money-Back Guarantee



We're excited to have you join our vibrant community of like-minded individuals who believe that age is just a number. We understand that taking a leap and trying something new can sometimes be daunting, which is why we're proud to offer you our Exclusive Money Back Guarantee.

When you become a member of the Bold Not Old Society, we want you to feel confident in your decision. We're committed to providing you with an enriching experience that exceeds your expectations. If for any reason you feel you're not completely satisfied with your membership in your first 30 days, we'll gladly refund your investment.

Money Back Guarantee

What People Say about Bold Not Old

Jule Ann Salisbury, TEDX speaker, The Gift of Dyslexia" Founder -Influencing Publishing Inc

"Wallis has collected an extraordinary group of people who have found the courage to show their personal sense of style and the deepest expression of themselves. Many people will be inspired by being Bold Not Old."
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