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Navigating through turbulent times

The Soul and Soul Wisdom

If I were to ask most people if they believed we have a soul , most would reply Yes.  Of course if I took it a little further and asked for an explanation of this, I would get a myriad of different information or opinions.  I would like to attempt to explain briefly what the soul is and why it exists.

Perhaps the easiest explanation which I recently heard and I thought it worth repeating is the following: 

The Soul is like a Mother ship with a lot of other ships following along behind. The mother ship doesn't have any say over what takes place on the smaller ships.  It is there to lead the way, to keep the other smaller ships on the right path, if you will, to guide them through rough waters.  The smaller ships (you and I are the smaller ships) can do whatever we want.  We can take our own course.  We can drift away from the mother ship, resulting in challenges and rough seas.

The closer we are to the Mother Ship (our Soul), the closer we are to Soul Wisdom, to being shown the reason we chose to be here in the first place.  The analogy is perfect really, because it is when we drift away from our own intuitive knowing, our inner compass, that we find ourselves floundering and wondering why and what we are doing here.

There is also a profound very important part of this.  The Soul, our Soul, has been with us for many lifetimes.  It is all knowingness.  It comes to assist us to fulfil the reason we chose to be human at this very special time in history, to play a major part in the evolution of our species. Yes! You are that important.

You are not just a human personality.  You are a Soul who chose to be here ... as you have chosen when you will exit, your presence provides guidance and is a Gift to humanity.

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The beautiful video below captured highlights of our inaugural Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards Soiree, held in Melbourne, Australia, in March 2020.

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